Subwoofer Installation Tips

Subwoofer Installation Tips

This afternoon I happily purchased an 8" Bazooka EL(self amplified), over at Circuit City here in Orlando. My question now is, if there are any things I need to be aware when I install it tomorrow? I am very curious as to the routing of the wires and what is the best way to do it. Also is the power directly connected to the battery?
Patrick L.
'87 S4

This is a piece of cake!!!! Large gauge red wire goes directly to battery. Small aux. power goes to back of radio. Large black ground wherever. RCA monster cable goes to preamped outputs on the back of your radio (if equipped).

Things to watch for:

1) Don't run your large red (power from battery) next to your monster cable (signal cable from preamped outputs on radio). At a minimum try to keep these as fas away as possible. Causes Static!!!!

2) Don't place bazooka directly over fuel pump(passanger rear). Causes Static when car in running!!!

3) Whatever you do, do not screw the bazooka tube down to the floor in the rear hatch. Screws will go through top of fuel tank DIRECTLY beneth floor of hatch!!! Fuel leakage. Okay to attach to battery TRAP door!!!

Have fun, takes 1-2 hrs.

Andrew L
85 S 5-Speed

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