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Center Vent Vacuum Unit Replacment

Center Vent Vacuum Unit Replacment

There are two ways to replace the center vent vacuum unit. While facing it from the opening created by removing the climate control unit, radio, and warning unit, you will see the vacuum unit attached to a mounting bracket. It rotates off the bracket clockwise [looking from the top] by turning it just a few degrees, however there is a locking, plastic tab that has to be depressed with a medium size screwdriver inserted and slightly rotated in the slot of the tab on the left side of the bracket. After this slight rotation, the unit drops off.

If you can't get the locking tab to release, then use a 3/16" drill on the rivets from above. Drill off their heads, and the whole unit including the mounting bracket will drop off. Replace using 3 new rivets. This was quick and easy.

Carefully open the unit, being sure not to break off the plastic tabs, in order to get at the 2 diaphragms inside.

Daniel Shapiro
'82 928 5 speed 225k

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