Speed-Dependant Volume

Speed-Dependant Volume

Philip Katz wrote:
> I have just bought a Becker Mexico Pro CC to fit in my 928. One of the
> gizmos on this head unit is what Becker call a GAL - it changes the volume
> depending on the speed of the car. To do this, it needs some sort of
> (square wave) output from the electronic speedometer. Does anyone know if
> such a signal is available from the 928, and if so where would I look? Car
> is a (UK) 1991 S4.

Yes. I did this two months ago with a Becker Mexico PRO MD. Wonderful gizmo in every aspect. Best stereo I've ever had. Anyway, the easiest place to hook up with the speed is by the fuses. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact placement of the wire, but along all the connectors and wires in the lower part of the fuse panel, about 2/3rds to the right end, at the top of one connector, you have a red/brown thin wire. Just hook into that one and your GAL input will be happy. Let me know if you need more info, help, of a procedure to very that it's working (unless you already figured that one out). And me personally, I've found that GAL 05 is about right. :-)

> Also, are there any amps available which are small enough to fit in place
> of the (rather low powered) Blaupunkt amp which came with the car - it's
> situated between the passenger's seat and door? Any amps I have seen in the
> car stereo shops are way too big to fit in this space. I only need a single
> pair of outputs for the large rear speakers, as I plan to drive the front
> and rear sets of speakers from the head unit's built in amplifier.

I'd recomment you start by using that standard amp and see how you like it. I am, and I really don't understand all the complaints about power. With the Becker, the sound is *great*. I did have problems with power using a Sony unit previously though, which makes me wonder about how standard pre-amp outputs are...

Johnny Billquist
928S4 '91. Indischrot/Schwartz

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