Avoid a Catalytic Converter Fire!

Avoid a Catalytic Converter Fire!

[One or two people have posted sad stories to the List telling how their car was totally destroyed by a cat fire. One owner even emptied a 2.5-pound fire extinguisher on the blaze, to no avail. Be careful! Remember this one!]

> My 88 ran very poorly after I parked it for a week. I
> fired it up, it was like it was missing on 4 cylinders. I shut it off, went
> underhood, checked everything, didnt find anything, said "well.. what the
> hell.. if I'm gonna get a repair bill, I'm going out with a bang" - so I
> drove it like that for 10 minutes. pretty scary.
> know what? it cleared up. hasn't missed a lick since.
> of course, its parked now.. has been for about a week.. we'll see if it
> gives me grief like that again.

One of your ignition coils is going bad. Replace ASAP as this can also be the cause of a Cat fire due to unburned fuel from 4 cylinders entering the cat causing it to over heat !!!

David Roberts

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