Suspension & Steering

Front Suspension Squeaks

Front Suspension Squeaks

Front suspension on the passenger's side squeaks. It squeaks when I push the front end downward (the shark is stationary of course). It squeaks (AS IF A SINGING BIRD HIDING IN THE WHEEL WELL) when the car moves.

Can anybody share some experience?

Carl Wu
86 928S2 Euro A/T RHD Meteormetallic

Hi Carl,
FWIW I've had similar problems with not only my 928 but, my 911's when I owned them. After a thorough check of all joint bushings, etc. that revealed everything was indeed alright with the suspension components, but still squeaking like a bed at the "Honeymoon Hotel", I asked my longtime friend and excellent P-wrench what could/should be done. His advice, some silicone spray lube (not a lot, just a bit) at all articulated points. Quiet as a church mouse, with no apparent adverse affects. Hope that quiets things down for you too.


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