RMB Fitment Adjustment

RMB Fitment Adjustment

[RMB = rear muffler bypass]

> An RMB question for those of you that have one: does your RMB come really
> close to your plastic bumper cover? Mine's about 1/8-inch from the plastic
> on the left side and about 1/4-inch on the right side. The RMB gets really
> hot. I'm worried about it melting, deforming, or otherwise damaging the
> bumper cover.

1/8" is a little too close.

> If this is too close, is there a recommended way to mess with or adjust the
> rubber hangers to lower the RMB a little?

Most likely you exhaust system is slightly out of alignment from a prior removal.

First try loosing the "J" hooks that hook into the top of the 2 rear rubber exhaust hangers that the RMB is suspended from. These "J" hooks are mounted with a 13mm bolt, you can loosen them and move the hooks slightly to move the RMB away from the bumper cover.

If there is not enough movement then loosen the other 2 "J" hooks located at each of your middle mufflers, then pressure the complete exhaust away from the side that is too close, tighten all 4 "J" hooks and you should be OK.

David Roberts

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