993 Wheels on a 928

993 Wheels on a 928

>Help......I have a chance to get a set of 993 wheels and tires.
>7 inch fronts and 9 inch rears..but will they bolt on my 87s4....
>or do I need spacers of some sort? If spacers are need, what

I purchased OEM 993 Cup wheels for track use several years ago. The fronts are 8"X17" (a 993 option), and the rears are 9"X17". I installed them on my 86.5 928S with the stock 21mm spacers, and they came very close to, but still cleared, the fender. They fit much better on the 90GT.

Merry motoring. ~Ed~

I have 993 wheels off a "97 993. The fronts are perfect, but the rears require spacing - 21mm bolt on spacers are what you're looking for.

I have 25mm spacers and they are really pushed out and agressive looking but I literally can only slide a piece of paper between my tire and fender.

Matt Preslaski
'87 S4 a/t

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