Where Is It?

Engine Code Stamp

Engine Code Stamp

Steven Shigematsu wrote:
> I have an 84 Euro-S. The engine code listed on the Option Codes label is
> M2821-82E - which according to 928 Specialist
> is the Engine Code for 4.7L 16v - 310hp, 295 Torque, 10.10:1 Compression -
> LH Jetronic.
> Okay, so far so good. However I have looked all over the front of the
> engine and cannot find the engine code stamped anywhere. Could you tell
> me just where to look?
> Thanks,
> Steven


The engine type stamp is located on the front of the engine between the radiator hose housings, just behind the plane of the cam belt. To find it, first locate the upper radiator hose clamp where it attatches to the thermostat housing, and look straight down and just a bit to the front of the engine. There is a flat area ahead of the "v" in the block. This flat area is probably covered with oil and some wiring looms, so you'll need to wipe it down and perhpaps move the wires to the side to see the numbers. It should read

M28 / 21

and there will also be a row of numbers below that.


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