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Twin-plate Clutch Adjustment

Twin-plate Clutch Adjustment

With the lower housing off, get a long carpenters type sliding clamp (about a 2 footer) and put one end on the release arm, and lodge the other somewhere back on your exhaust system. Mine is an 86.5, and the clamp fit nicely just behind the crossover on the cat. Crank the clamp down until the clutch is fully released.

With the clutch released, you will be able to see a gap between the intermediate plate and the discs on either side. What you want is for this gap to be even.

Use a screwdriver to seat the discs against the pressure plate and flywheel respectively, and make sure they are both equally seated or your adjustment will be off.

Next, measure the distance between the seated discs and the intermediate plate. It should be equal on each side of the plate, and all the way around. If not, use a flat bladed screwdriver to gently bend the flat-spring tabs in the intermediate plate. These are the tabs that connect the plate to its housing. Rotate the clutch, and adjust each tab until the plate is equal at all points.

Unclamp the release arm, and then release it again to double check your work.

That should do it!

Don't forget to lube the clutch sleeve while in there, and make sure it
hasn't worked itself loose.

Good luck,
86.5 Indischrot 5-speed

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