Gas Tank wont Fill

Gas Tank wont Fill

>When I fill the beast up with gas, the pump kicks off when it
>gets half full. As I try and add more, I can only ad about a quart
>of gas before the pump switches of again. At this rate, it takes a
>good long time to fill the tank up. Any ideas why this might be the

I had this exact problem for a time on my '86. The problem appeared after I had dropped the gas tank to do some cleaning up around it. After it was back together, I, like you, couldn't get the tank much more than half full. The problem turned out to be a kinked vent hose. There is a rubber hose that goes from about the top of the filler neck to the top of body of the tank. Between these 2 points, the hose passes through a hole in the quarter panel sheetmetal. If this hose is kinked at all, you can't fill the tank.

Terry Redinger
'89 S4 auto

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