Pod Crack Repair

Pod Crack Repair

My pod had several cracks, one that was the entire width of the pod (front to back) right in the middle. There were three other noticeable cracks, all less than 6". The color of my pod is burgundy, MY89. My plan was to have the pod repaired locally, and if I was not satisfied, I'd spring for the est. $600 that Just Dashes wanted. I will not be sending the pod away for a recover.

The pod took 22 coats of paint in the damaged areas and several hours of work. The color match is spot on. The paint filled in some of the vinyl graining, but it is not noticeable. The only disappointment I had was that in the severe areas of the two major cracks, the surface is not smooth but raised. Apparently the vinyl once split, will curl slightly at the edge and this raised area remains. However, if you did not know what to look for and you were sitting at the wheel, you wouldn't notice the raised area.

I have just put the pod out in the garage where the temp is approx. 20 degrees F and falling. If a crack is to reappear, it will happen tonight. The repair cost was $100, the guy who did the work does vinyl/leather repairs for car dealers here in Central PA and came recommended. He said if I had a any problems, give him a call. If you are looking to have a decent repair done, this is a reasonablealternative to a recover.

Tim Lopez trading as New Life Service Co., New Freedom, PA 717-880-4061
(mention V8 Porsche - he'll know what you're talking about)

Joe Rausa '89S4

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