Wider Front Wheels & Tires

Wider Front Wheels & Tires

Just got back from Laguna Seca where we tested out the effects of larger, wider wheels on the front. What a difference. 1 second faster,without pushing any more. thanks for all the suspension advice, but the bigger tires allowed for the same stiffness setting on the front sway bar and man, now that thing is on rails. 1:47 at laguna is not too bad for a street car, especially one with only 250hp to the ground. (not bad either for 160.000 original miles, and 36 track event days with out one repair!!) Don't count the replaced wheel bearings, and retighteded steering wheel bushing.

Anyway, going from a 245 45 on a 7.5 " rim (really the limit) to a 255x40 on a 9.5" rim, made quite a bit of difference. Feels like a new car!!

Can't wait for the sears PCB race in march and Laguna in April. 1:47 is in the top 5-10 times .


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