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Power Steering Hose Replacement

Power Steering Hose Replacement

The hose that runs from the power steering pump to the steering rack has a metal fitting with a plastic ring around it. This is not a butt joint to keep the hose off the engine. I have cut my old leaking hose apart (an autopsy) to see what the heck that metal fitting in the middle of the rubber part is. It is a line restrictor. That is, there is a metal tube inside the rubber that cuts the diameter of the line down to limit flow at that point. I'm sure it has something to do with resonance control of flow of the hydraulic fluid. (Think of water hammer in a plumbing system -- I'm guessing here.)

Porsche wants a lot of money for that hose (About $250) but I bought one from my local NAPA and it is a perfect fit including the magic line restrictor. The NAPA part number is 72564 (repeat 72564) and it cost $60. It is very time consuming to disconnect this hose from the steering rack. Have to drop the roll stabilizer and I think remove the return line for wrench clearance. On the pump end it is even worse. I had to make a 17mm crowfoot wrench (But it would be smarter to buy one; or buy a whole set!). I used a long extension coming from the front side of the pump.

This hose was the first real job I did on my shark.

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