Program for Logging Maintenance

Program for Logging Maintenance

Over the last year several folks had asked about a computer program that would log maintenance tasks/expenses and keep schedules of required maintenance...

This windows shareware program was recently chosen by Microsoft and WUGNET as a SPOW (shareware-pick-of-the-week)... I hope some of you find this to be useful:

by North40 Software (download size 7140 kb)

If you're looking for the most feature-packed, powerful, and cost- effective maintenance software on the planet, YOUR SEARCH IS OVER! KeepItUp! from North40 Software is a revolutionary alternative to an old problem... keeping track of all your preventative maintenance tasks. KeepItUp! lets you track service history and expenses, lets you know when maintenance is coming due, and even lets you forecast future expenses! KeepItUp! is designed for people who want a 1-stop, easy-to-use, powerful solution that can handle a wide variety of assetsand equipment.

KeepItUp! is fully customizable and easy to use! If you can use Windows Explorer, you can use KeepItUp! Our unique interface allows you to manage huge amounts of data with no hassle! Track one asset or a hundred, it's up to you - KEEPITUP! CAN HANDLE IT! Beautifully formatted reports allow you to analyze your maintenance expenses like never before. F1-help is always available, as is online support. Great for home, office, commercial, or industrial. Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Download your copy today!

Helps you reduce or eliminate costly unscheduled repair bills and lower your overall operating costs!
Organizes and lets you print all Service Item History and Expense data!
Lets you stores technical information for use as an easy reference!
Lets you maintain consistent, peak performance!
Lets you easily track scheduled maintenance for many different types of tools or equipment!
Lets you forecast ahead and see how much your maintenance costs are likely to be!
Automatic reminder keeps all assets current with latest usage information!
Lets you enjoy higher equipment reliability and fewer breakdowns!
Helps you get longer equipment life and save money! Contains features found on programs costing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars!

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