Caliper Rebuild Parts Source

Caliper Rebuild Parts Source

Prospeed Marketing Group is pleased to announce the availability of Brembo brake caliper parts. Now you can purchase the specific parts you need to rebuild Brembo calipers. Inner pressure seals, dust seals, pistons, piston grease, bleeder screws, bridge pipes, etc are available individually or in kit form.

To order, e-mail with your specific needs. Specify the model and year of Porsche, the caliper (i.e. front left) the parts needed and whether you have made any modifications to the stock brake system.

We are in the process of building our e-commerce web site at The site will include all brake parts (Calipers, rotors, lines, fluid, pads, etc) Brake kits, big brake caliper adapters as well as brake system specific tools.

Let us know what your needs are.

The staff at Prospeed Marketing Group.

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