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Brotherly Kindness

Brotherly Kindness

There's been a lot of talk in the past about people in other Porsche's waving back or even acknowledging a wave or headlight flash, but I met someone last week that set a new standard.

As I was driving on 80 E from San Francisco Airport around midnight last Wednesday, I came to a construction site east of Berkeley where the road was closed down to one lane. I was driving my Platinum '83 S and let another car merge in front of me, only to discover it was ANOTHER Platinum colored 928 S. The driver waved and thanked me for letting him in the lane. After we crossed the bridge and headed to the toll booths, I followed the other Shark through the booth. When I went to pay my $2 the attendant told me, "the guy in that OTHER car in front of you paid your toll".

So, if you're out there, THANKS. Hope to see you at one of the Bay Area gatherings. I'll buy you a drink.

Paul Mooradian

'83 S 5 spd
'87 S4 A/T
'93 GTS A/T

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