Weight Reduction: Club Sport

Weight Reduction: Club Sport

I have a magazine article here that expalains what Porsche did to the 928 to shave 201 lbs off.

"Designed to be a true lightweight model,the 928 Club Sport spent weeks in the body shop to shed as much surplus fat as the list of missing items is rather long.It includes:piles of sound deadening material,rear wiper, central locking, power seats, rub strips, cruise control, rear sun visors, remote tailgate release, cassette boxes, oddments trays, passenger mirror, radio, and the wiring harness was replaced with a newer simpler one.

Encouraged by the success of the first round of weight saving measures, the engineers returned for an encore.This time, they tore out the windshield washer unit,reduced the contents of the tool kit, fitted lightweight aluminum wheels, and replaced standard A/C with a lighter more efficient unit. And last, they removed the vibration damper from the transaxle tube and installed a free flow exaust with twin tailpipes. Thus modified the car was rolled onto a platform scale and weighed in at 3263 lbs down 201 lbs from
the standard production model"

There ya go...


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