Missing, but Good Spark

Missing, but Good Spark

Robb wrote:
> My 84 Euro is missing. When i disconnect the forward distirbutor i have a
> slight miss but when I disconnect the aft distributor it kills the car. I
> dont no what to do. When i disconnected the coil from the distributor I have
> a good blue spark to the the forward disdributor when i disconnect the aft
> distributor it kills the engine. Leading to beleave the forward distributor
> has the problem. But then why is there a good spark from the coil to the
> distributor.... Help!!! I think its a timing problem but what to
> conform.... Please post this

Hi Robb,

Most likely the Rubber drive belt in the distributor is worn and has skipped a tooth (or 2) and/or has possibly even broken.

I just went thru this myself yesterday on my 85 Euro and my symptoms were identical to yours.

The replacement/alignment procedure is in the Shop Manuals, Vol 1-A, Section 28, pages 47-48b.

David Roberts

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