Crankshaft Seal Replacement, Front

Crankshaft Seal Replacement, Front

Joe, '89 5-speed, wrote:
>I thought I'd install a new front main crank seal. I have a lot of oil in this area
>and I'm not 100% on where it's coming from. It could be a bad O-ring on the
>dip-stick or just run-off from the top of the block. I have
>pools of oil in the v of the engine front.
>I wanted to make sure I understood the proper seal installation procedure
>before I get started. I want to make sure there isn't any specialtricks I need
>to know. The best I can see, I am going to take off the main drive gear,
>lowermost t-belt cover (the one behind the gear), and the seal will
>be visable.

Don't panic when you bend the guide washers while pulling the lower sprocket. Apparently this is common, or I should say that I bent mine. The big three have them in stock. (DR had some when I called in a panic).

>1. How do you remove the old one? Can I just fish it out with something?

There is a slot on the right side of the seal. I just taped in a wide screwdriver and pried it out. Be careful not to go too far with the screw driver. You don't want to nick the crank.

>2. The shop manual is not real clear on seating of the new seal. If I get an
>appropriate sized home-made tool, will I just push in the seal until it stops?
>The picture in the manual (volume 1, page 13-9) looks as though the seal
>is not to be seated all the way back towards the crank.

I greased mine inside and out then taped it in with a leather mallet, moving around to the high spots until it was flush and then about a 16th more. after I was done i am wondering if I shouldn't have glued it in?

Mark Grasser
1978 928 5-speed
Guards red/black/tan sheepskins

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