Heel & Toe Pedal Adjustment

Heel & Toe Pedal Adjustment

Hi guys,
I need to draw on the collective experience of the group to solve a heel and toe problem I am experiencing at the Drivers Education events.

I believe the main problem is that the brake pedal under hard braking is positioned well below the accelerator. The reason I believe this is that I also have a 944 and can heal and toe in that car quite easily. Someone at the last event suggested building up one or the other of the brake, accelerator to make them even. Is there some type of adjustment like the 911's? Does anyone else on the list have this problem and what have they done to correct it. Oh, by the way I am 6'4" tall with a 36" inseam so this may contribute to the problem.

87 928 S4

Have you bled the brakes really well? Changed to a higher-temp brake fluid? That might get the brake pedal up to a level more even with the gas pedal; at least it did on mine. "Heel and toe" for me is actually the two sides of the ball of my foot.

-John White-
'84 928 S

Brakes are bled perfectly. Not a bubble in sight for miles - thanks to SpeediBleed and ATE Blue. The brakes are unbelievable, can't fade them no matter how hard I try. The problem is the pedal height or technique.


All 928 pedals have height adjustments. At the back of the brake pedal there is a (painted) lock-nut that is there to adjust the pedal's height. If you do change it, do so incrementally.

~Merry motoring~

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