Alarm Remote Lock/Unlock

Alarm Remote Lock/Unlock

> Does anybody here know how to connect the Lock/Unlock function of the
> Alpine SEA-8081 Alarm System to the power door lock wiring harness for a
> 1981 928 S? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First, the 928's locks require a negative input, so hopefully your alarm is designed for that kind of alarm (versus positive output or reversed polarity, etc.). If you don't have the manuals, you might need someone to verify the wire colors for you (I can if no one else already has) - anyway, on my 86 there are 4 wires going to the lock actuators - red (permanent power), brown (permanent ground), yellow (ground for lock), green (ground for unlock). Your alarm should have two putput wires hopefully, one for unlock and one for lock (they should get grounded as appropriately for lock/unlock). Connect the "lock" wire to the yellow wire, and the "unlock" wire to the green wire. Where do you find these wires you ask? Well, you could connect to the wires as they go into one of the door panels, or you could connect to the wires close to the central locking control module (remove the carpet piece on the driver's side of the center console, and you'll see it back there). There's a picture of it on my page at http://einstein.unh.edu/~msbriggs/lockmodule.jpg (unfortunately the flash of the camera is blinding off of the metal face on the module. You can see where I cut back the black cover over the wires, and spliced in some wires.

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