Oxygen Sensor Replacement Tips

Oxygen Sensor Replacement Tips

Thought I would share this with you, sharksters; well.. with those
with little experience like me.

On a 1985-S, there is no way to remove an O2 sensor, other than by
dismantling the exhaust section, at the first Y (6-13 mm bolts).
Suggest that you support the catalyst, so as to prevent overstressing
the back portion of the exhaust. Don't forget to dismantle the CO pipe
at a connection in front of the catalyst; the top nut is free, the
bottom one is fixed.
For the sensor, no need for a 22 mm open ratchet head (which costs
35$CAN, since the insulation plates around the catalyst interferes .
An open ended hex wrench is sufficient.

Oui Monsieur, change the exhaust gaskets!

Hope this helps someone.


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