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Pilot Bearing Removal

Pilot Bearing Removal

Anyone have a sneeky way to get the pilot bearing out of the end of the crank???????

Some combination of washers and threaded rod level of solution that I can build from hardware store parts?


Jay K.

I remember quite a while back that Marc Reviel posted a method that used hydraulics to get the bearing out. I don't have the actual post, but I think he said he would fill the cavity inside the bearing with heavy grease. Then he would use a solid bar with an OD that was very close to the ID of the bearing and hammer in the bar. Add additional grease as the bearing starts to come out.

Hopefully Marc will see this and clarify it a bit.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)
'88 928 S4 5-speed

Yes, that works pretty well, but if you have a really munged-up bearing, then I would apply an oxy-acetylene flame to it, and literally melt it enough to where it can be easily pulled out (falls out). No harm comes to the flywheel as it is a much, much larger thermal mass. I adjust for the tiniest flame I can from the torch. (One can always find a very short slide-hammer with a hook on the end.)

-Marc Reviel

Hydraulics!! Fill the cavity behind with heavy grease, find a wooden dowel that just fit in the hole, and smack it in there with a hammer. Trust me it works!

Nebraska Jim

Fill the pilot bearing hole where the clutch shaft fits with grease. Pack it tight. Find a drift of the correct size to fit closely in the hole. Take a hammer and hit the drift the grease will push the bearing out of the crank. It can also be done with wet paper mulch. The force of the hammer blow is directed back, forcing the bearing out of the crank

Jim Bailey
928 International

Sometimes a lifter puller works well, looks like a little slide hammer. Talk to one of your push rod friends. You can also fill the void behind the pilot bearing with grease, find a dowel or rod that just barely fits in the hole and pound it in. The pressure of the grease sometimes will push it out. It really works, but you have to have a good seal, wrap a cloth around the dowel to catch the grease.


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