Engine Removal Tips

Engine Removal Tips

I'm starting the great journey of engine removal after yet another oil leak and I was wondering if the list had some tips or tricks they could share with me. I'm following the shop manuals and everything is going fine so far. I'll be glad when I put it back in knowing that I've had the chance to closely inspect everything and replace anything that looks bad. Thanks.

Mark D.
Oak Green - '79 Manual

This is a deep well of things to trip over but if I was going to mention one thing it would be to watch out for one cable attachment. It is on the drivers side (US) on the top of the cross member near the rack. This is not accessible until you have the motor up about 3 or 4 inches. As far as I could tell the fastener is not accessible unless you partially remove the rack. I cut the damn cable clamp with diagonal cutters and will not replace with same. I think a strategically located tie wrap as a replacement is a good solution for the reinstall phase but I haven't gotten there yet.

Myself, JP Rodkey and Dave Lloyd are all good people to fire questions at. We've all BTDT. Them more than I but fire away with any questions no matter how trivial.

Jay K.

If I were to pull mine again, I'd:

1. Remove clutch pressure plate(s) and discs, and the flywheel (but the flywheel is optional). There is an 'intermediate drive shaft' with the splines, and it is removed as a unit with the rest of the clutch pack. Use a marker of some sort to put things back together in the same orientation when you re - install.

2. After clutch removal, just four bolts hold the engine to the clutch (bell) housing - because the starter and clutch slave were already removed to get access to the clutch.

3. Remove the fan/viscous clutch from the front of the engine; unbolt the A/C compressor; remove or unbolt all the other usual accesories, lines, connectors, etc. and pull the engine out of there.

NOTE: The design of the car positions the engine somewhat far back from the front bumper cover. My Allied engine hoist only had enough reach when the front cover was removed. I think it would have worked from the side of the car if the bumper cover had been on the car when I pulled the engine. If you are renting an engine hoist, or using a higher quality than Allied, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Have fun!

JP Rodkey
79 Euro

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