Antenna Conversion to Roof Mount Type

Antenna Conversion to Roof Mount Type

I had this mod done to my '85 928S .. excellent mod .. NO it does NOT make turn it into an HYBRID! .. lol!!

It certailnly DID improve my radio reception AND allowed me to go for the 'cheaper' aftermarket windscreen!

I gleaned this information from the archives when I was contemplating having the mod done.

The following are snippets from the archives and some additional notes from moi!

> Antenna Replacement, S4/GT Roof Mounted
> I visited a local VW/SAAB dealer and found a replacement:
> The antenna mast for the New Beetle is VW p/n 3A0-051-849, cost me $44
> (probably way too much).

NOTE 1) .. I found an after market company (mexico) that made the SAME style pre-amped roof aerial MUCH cheaper then the VW part .. and as good as identical! I think it was HARADA ??

> In addition the mast has a neat spiral appearance. Looks like the shark
> has a stinger now and I like that. Goes with the BWAAAAAAAAAAHHH nicely,
> thank you very much! - Regards, Phil Eskildsen

NOTE 2) .. DO NOT go for the spiral appearance type! At speed it sets up a whistle that has driven drivers nuts (so I'm told)! Mine is smooth! =)

Not easy to fit:
> The antenna is accessible from the sunroof drive area. The sunroof drive
> mechanism mounts to a subpanel that is about 1 inch below the roof. The
> access to the antenna-mounting nut is directly above the sunroof actuating
> cables.
> Remove the 2 - 8mm nuts holding the sunroof cable gearbox in place and
> take the gearbox out. Then, remove the sunroof motor. The cables, in their
> metal tubing sheath, have to be pulled lower and moved forward to uncover
> the approx 1-inch diameter hole in the subpanel.
> You have to bend the metal sunroof cable covers to move them. Seems scary
> when you do it but they will go back to their proper place when
> re-assembling. Once the antenna-mounting nut is visible, you have to
> find/make a tool to loosen/tighten the 17-mm nut. The antenna coax cable
> and antenna amp power cable has to go through centre of the tool. I used a
> 3-inch long 1/2" drive 17-mm socket and put the wires through the hole in
> the centre of the socket. I turned the socket with vice grip pliers (ugh).
> The nut is way up there above the sunroof panel and you can barely see it
> through the access hole. No way to get a regular wrench on it.

Is there much/any drilling and is routing the cable a problem?
> You would need to make a hole in your sunroof motor sub panel.

NOTE 3) When drilling the hole .. remember to apply some anti-corrosion paint around the hole after you have deburred it!

> Punch 9/16" Square hole centred side to side in roof panel 1 1/2" forward
> of the rear of the roof panel (where hatch panel begins). (see NOTE 3) Run
> antenna cable under interior roof panel, then down passenger side interior
> panel just rearward of the door, then under carpet along outside and front
> of passenger seat up into console.

Roof antenna is not a problem under the car cover.
> Optionally you can unscrew the mast if you like.
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BTW .. being a better webmaster than a mechanic I had this done for me by my good friend Warren Gunning of Pacific Reproductions (in Sydney Australia) Glad he did it too! =)

Hope that helps, Cheers,

Leonard Zech
928 Australia -

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