Hesitation over Bumps & False T-Belt Warnings: Fixed

Hesitation over Bumps & False T-Belt Warnings: Fixed

Over the last few weeks I have been writing to the list to report a hesitation my car had over bumps. After a little searching I was able to trace the problem to the "W" connection at the bottom of the fuse panel being loose. I pushed the "W" clip back in tight and have not had any further problems with the hesitation...now on to my subject header!!!

I noticed driving the car around today that my timing belt warning wasn't coming on. I have had the false warning in my car for 2+ years. After the car is running for ~3 minutes the T-belt light would come on...EVERYTIME. I took it out about 5-6 times today and not once did the T-belt warning come on. Thinking back...I don't recall it coming on after I pushed the clip back into the fuse box either.

Anybody know exactly what wires the "W" clip (the one closest to the brain) goto in an '85? Is there a wire that could set the t-belt warning off?

For anybody that has the false t-belt warning it wouldn't hurt to check and make sure the "W" plug is in tight!! I hope this info helps somebody!!

NOTE: The warning WAS still coming on when I picked it up from my mechanic, before the hesitation started....so I know that he didn't fix it!!! I fixed the hesitating myself and incidently the t-belt light!!
85S 5-spd

Connection W25 feeds the toothed belt warning sensor.



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