Rear Window Defroster Stuck on = Dead Battery

Rear Window Defroster Stuck on = Dead Battery

I just picked my daughter up from school in the pouring rain. My rear defroster came on by itself and did not shut off. It happened once before after I turned it on, the next day the battery was depleted. Thanks to 928 Specialists web page I know that fuse 19 is the rear defroster so I removed it. Why did this happen and how can I fix it?

85 irisblau

The rear defroster is switched by the relay 928 615 115 00 -- the bottom row first on the left side -- it is probably defective and stays energized even with the ignition switch in the off position ----the relay is supposed to remain on for 15 minutes if set to defrost mode - this indicates that it has some type of internal time switch --$79 for the relay

Jim Bailey
928 International

As a temporary fix - the relay will usually turn off when you crank the car, regardless of time. If you use the rear defroster and think that the relay might be hanging, just cut the engine off and recrank.


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