Polishing Engine Parts

Polishing Engine Parts

>Hi Dave,
>I was going over all the great information on your web site. After you
>polish something like the 928 spider intake, what do you treat it with to
>prevent oxidization?
>Tom Csibor

Hiya Tom,
Unless the part is in a hard to reach area i.e.: power steering pump, alternator, etc. I don't use any clear coat. For regular maintenance of the shine (every month or two) I use Never-Dull (or similar, Wenol, Mother, etc.) and find that works very well. I've found that clear coat (no matter how good) dulls the shine of highly polished aluminum, and that if the part is ever scratched or needs to be re polished, you don't have the headache of having to strip it first (a process that generally dulls the part further) and then polish, and then re clear coat. Even the BBS rims I polished for the Carrera I owned I left un-coated. Although they were exposed to road grime, oil and water I simply washed them once a week when I did my car and dried them with a soft flannel cloth. Every month or two I'd wipe them down with Never-Dull and they stayed mirror bright. I would recommend using a very soft cloth for drying or polishing. I've found old well worn and laundered flannel baby blankets or cloth baby diapers work best. Hope that helps.Glad you enjoyed the site. If you need any more info, feel free to email me.

Best always,

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