Rearview Mirror - New, Electronic Version

Rearview Mirror - New, Electronic Version

It worked out great! The one I got was the Donnelly Electronics ECT mirror (auto-tint, with compass and outside temperature display). See

The one with the map lights is the ECL. See

Unfortunately, they don't make one that has both temperature and map lights (or I would have gotten it!) For me, I wanted the temperature feature more than additional lights. I wound up leaving the temperature sensor *inside*, so now I've got both inside temperature (via the Donnelly ECT mirror) and outside temperature (via the usual computer on the '90 S4).

It was worth the money for me (I'm a gadget junkie). I'm very happy with the quality of the unit. The auto-tint stuff for nighttime driving is highly effective. I wasn't really expecting it to be that cool, but the effect is really subtle, but it works exactly as it should. When someone pulls up behind you (and almost everyone's lights are higher than the backs of our sharks!), the mirror just darkens. Really neat effect. Wish the whole windshield could do the reverse! (Tint during day, clear at night).

Should anyone else want to install one of these, I'd be glad to provide some tips, like how to wire it (especially if you elect to use the "reverse inhibit" feature), how you should *not* get their plastic mirror button, but use a metal one instead, etc. Since the mirror required wiring, I went ahead and hid both the mirror wire harness and the wire for the Valentine 1 radar detector at the same time. Turned out to be a nice, clean, effective installation of both.


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