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Clutch Replacement - Other things to do/check

Clutch Replacement - Other things to do/check

For those of us who don't do our own work,

I'm having the clutch replaced soon, is this a good
time to have the ball cup inspected/replaced also?

'89 GT

There is little overlap of time to replace but they can certainly reach up and wiggle the shift linkage forward angular joint (ball cup) to check for tightness. In any case, I would recommend that the clutch arm plastic bushing and the pilot bearing in the end of the crank be replaced - both inexpensive and
simple to change - when the clutch assembly is removed. The 928 clutch is one of the simplest clutch replacements known to man!!! The driveshaft does not need to be removed , the transmission does not need to be removed, the engine does not need to be removed. Shops will remove and surface the flywheel as needed , at which time it is easy to change the rear main crankshaft seal. Shop labor time charge is probably 5 to 6 hours or about 1/2 what it take for a 944. (I am well aware that the task can be done in much less time if all goes well.)

Jim Bailey
928 International
79 928 5spd
80 928 5spd
68 911 5spd

Having the ball cup inspected at that time would be a good idea just because the mechanic will already be
working on the underside of the car. There isn't any overlapping labor on the two jobs though, so don't expect a price break if the ball cup needs replacement.

Ed YMMV's mechanic replaced the ball cup in less than two hours on his car and simultaneously set a world record for ball cup replacement (in my opinion). I would expect to be charged about 2 additional hours for the job.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)
'88 928 S4 5-speed

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