Constant Squeak

Constant Squeak

>heard an awful squeaking sound that seemed to emanate from the left rear
>wheel. The sound was only present as the wheels turned. The sound was
>present regardless of whether the brakes were being applied. The sound
>became more of a chirping at highway speeds and would sometimes disappear
>altoghether, only to return if I slowed down under 30 or so mph. I stopped
>and filled the tank, both rear wheels were warm to the touch, the fronts
>were not. I would guess it could be a wheel bearing or CV joint. After
>about 30 miles, the sound seemed to disappear and did not return for the
>remainder of the trip.

One possibility is a small stone stuck between the brake disk and the sheet
metal shield.

Wally Plumley
928 Specilaists

Yeah, I had that happen once. Sounded like something broke. As I was limping it home to take a look it just ground itself down till it came out and then it was fine.

Man, That gets your attention!

Jay K.

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