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Bell Housing Removal, In-Car

Bell Housing Removal, In-Car

Here is the situation. My 928 was not shifting properly.....I replaced the master & slave clutch cylinders... & things seemed to be ok....I drove the car today & the clutch & shifting started to act weird, I could not shift it......I got it home & started tearing it down & when I got the clutch cover off & started jiggling the fork, I received the ball stud from the pivot for the clutch lever on my head!!!! it has broken off about 1/4 inch in the housing.... can I get the bell housing off the car without pulling the motor????? I will have to have the broken off threaded portion removed & I cannot see how I can get it out without removing the bellhousing....I only hope that it was a coincidence that the slave cylinder I put in was a bit longer in stroke & in the rod which goes into the clutch housing was longer than the one I the slave cylinder was the only dis-similar part I replaced...... the master cyl had the identical numbers on it that my old one had....both FAG mfgre....any ideas you can give me will be greatly appreciated.....I feel this is all co-incidental, but I sure hope the slave was not the culprit...

Tom T.

Three slaves cylinders are used depending on model year - 78-82, 83-86, and 87-95. The 87-95 is bigger
and has a longer rod -- The above 928, I believe, is an 86 model -- therefore possibly a mis-marked or incorrect part for an 87 was installed. It may or may not have stressed the ball, they tend to break just for the fun of it -- the remaining bit of broken bolt in the bell housing should be under little tension since the ball and adjustment nut broke off. Using a right angle drill and reverse bit, it should come out fairly easily -- if not then by dropping the exhaust and transmission mounts; pushing the trans back far enough to drop the bellhousing; the engine stays in place - it needs only enough clearance to get the drive shaft to clear the housing and the locating pins to clear to remove the bell housing -- the ball is part # 928 116 075 01

Jim Bailey
928 International

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