T-Belt Tension Tool, Low Cost

T-Belt Tension Tool, Low Cost

Hello all,

If you go to the 928 International site and look in the accessory area there is a new product called "Aftermarket Belt Tension Tool". Those of you that know me know that I can't stand taking my car to somebody when there is a way to accomplish a maintenance job myself. Those of you that really know me know that's an understatement ;) That's how this tool was born. If interested use the link below.


It's a faithful but updated copy of the original cam belt tensioning tool. The construction is entirely stainless steel so it can't rust or go out of calibration. The tool is elegantly simple and comes with detailed instructions with clear pictures featuring my 79 WIP and also an S4.

Thanks to Mark Anderson for helping to get this going and for putting the finished product in the virtual catalogue.

Contact me with any questions or follow the link above.


Jay Kempf
79 US 5 speed silbermetallische

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