Thread Repair

Thread Repair

>I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best method of repairing
>a threaded hole that I foolishly damaged.

Well I swear by "Time-Sert" brand repair kits.
(Available from your local Wurth-USA rep. and perhaps others.)
Time-Serts are threaded steel inserts.

Unlike most Heli-coil repairs the results are fluid tight and will not come out without aggressive use of an Easy-Out tool.

My '82 has from time to time suffered at the hands of over zealous mechanics. :-(
As I find them, I fix them with the Time-Sert inserts. Time sert's require you drill out the hole, counter bore it, then use a special tool to thread in the steel insert. Takes a few minutes to do correctly, but ends up much stronger than the original.

If you work on your own 928, a Time-Sert kit is a very worthwhile investment. Rated 4+ Sharks! Check them out.

-Larry Ware
82 auto Moosgrunmetallic (Moss Green Metallic)

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