Timing Belt Tension Tool, Low Cost

Timing Belt Tension Tool, Low Cost

I just bought one of Jay Kempf's $50 t-belt tension gauge tools from 928 International (www.928intl.com). I tried it out this weekend on a friend's '87 that had just reached 2000 miles after having a new belt put on. As might be expected, the reading was a bit low, just outside the lower range. So he adjusted the tensioner about 1/4 turn and that placed the gauge right in the middle of the range.

After using that other, high-dollar tool a few times I've got to say I like the Kempf tool a lot better. It's nice to have a tool that:
1) Gives consistent readings from one try to the next
2) Gives consistent readings when being tried by two different people
3) Doesn't cause a sore back from hovering over the engine trying to get the thing perfectly level, not touching anything, etc.

Simplicity is good.

Well Done, Jay.

+Greg Nichols
Alexandria, Virginia
'87 928S4, 5-speed, Venice Blue Metallic

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