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Flywheel Removal Tip: Bolts

Flywheel Removal Tip: Bolts

Tony wrote:
>More of an engineering question I guess. As I begin to remove my flywheel
>I run into YET ANOTHER type of pattern that i dont have the tool for!!!

That would be the 'triple square' or 12 point metric allen head bolt.

> So the question being...
> Why when they build a car do they use a variety of different types of bolts.
> Im talking more along the lines of nut
> shape etc etc...what makes one shape more advantagous over another?

Good question, I have no idea. I do know that GM and the other car manufacturers invented the TORX head so they didn't have to pay a royalty to use ALLEN head bolts.

> looking for an 10mm star shaped thingy-ma-bob tool for my flywheel

Snap on makes it, Best source for triple square sockets.
Direct Order Line - 800-866-5748 (800-TOOLS4U)

Lisle tools also makes a set of 3 or 4 of them. Decent quality, very low cost.
You need a BD socket to use the Lisle tool, which is an advantage when doing CV joints, but a disadvantage for the flywheel.

Don't be surprised if the heads strip when you try to remove them. It's very common. In that case, just drill the head off. Once the flywheel is off, you'll be able to use needlenose pliers to remove the bolt. Be sure to use new bolts when you re-install the flywheel.

Good luck,
Barry Lenoble

Found the tool at pepboys the other day...LYLSE...or LISLE..someting like that..packet of 4- 12 10 8 and 6 mm Flywheel bolts are off.
Thanks all

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