Rear Hatch Seal Replacement

Rear Hatch Seal Replacement

I replaced the hatch seal a short time ago and did not remove the hatch.
Dave Roberts at 928 Specialiststs suggested that I simply disconnect the
hatch struts while someone else held the hatch up. Then I pulled off the
old seal and worked in the new seal and had no great difficulty in putting
it in. Be careful that the hatch is not lifted too high since it does
stop at a certain point and you do not want to bend anything.

The seal that I removed already had a cut at the bottom at the locking
mechanism. The new one also came in one long piece, not in a connected
piece. After I installed it I had to trim about an inch from the one end
to connect it together. I used the OE replacement part and was impressed
how heavey it was and that there was a metal strip molded in for some
stiffness. This replacement helped to cure a leakage problem from the top
of the hatch unto the rear AC unit.

Hope this helps,
1989 928S4, AT

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