Manuals, Repair and Parts

Manuals, Repair and Parts

I'm a novice mechanic also but I'm resolved to do most of my own work on my '82. I've got most of the documentation that I can find and here's my take:

Shop manual: a little tough to find a specific item, kind of hit or miss on location and what it looks like when you do find it ,but probably your best bet. Index helps some but is far from complete. Fairly expensive, about $350 unless you can find a used set and even these go pretty high on ebay. I got a used set from a fellow lister for $150 when he needed to upgrade to the later, 9 vol. set.(thanks, Byron).

Parts and Tech Ref: gives you line drawings for various parts and assemblies and this can help a lot but again doesn't necessarily tell you where they are on the car. At least you know what to look for. Also gives you part numbers and technical bulletins. it.

Parts Catalog: just a picture book.. will show how things go together in a more complete way than the parts/tech ref but no labeling/part names or numbers. Somewhere around $30 or so....marginally useful but I need all the help I can get.

Chiltons' manual: only covers up to '81 and the information is pretty basic but does provide some additional help/pictures that are generally applicable for 2 Valve can buy it on ebay, they're out of print...around $20-30 depending on who's bidding.

Parts Microfiche: I don't have this but understand it combines the expanded blow-ups of the "Parts catalogue" with part numbers. You can buy them cheap (~$10) BUT I think they're all the larger fiche (7x9") and finding a used reader that accepts them is tough (most are 4x6")..otherwise a new reader will cost you $350 or so. I'm going to buy these if I can find a cheap reader first. (anyone got one?)

Other than that, I've found that the rennlist archives and the 928OC Tips section (costs you $28 to join...well worth it) are invaluable. You already know about this list but you may want to check out Phil Tong's message board, a lot of good folks there also.

Hope this helps,
Jim Morehouse
Allentown, PA
'82 928
PCA, 928OC, Rennlist

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