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Reverse Lights don't Work

Reverse Lights don't Work

>I swapped my '86 A/T for an '89 A/T a month back or so. Now, I notice I
>don't have reverse lights. In the past this would coincide with loosing the
>shift indicator lights. That was caused by a loose connector in the spare
>tire well. Not sure this time. How do I go about figuring out this

1) Pull Relay XXII. Check for 12 vdc at terminal 30 in the socket. If no power, check Fuse #12.

2) Jump 12 vdc to terminal 87 in the socket. Reverse lamps should light. If not, check bulbs and wiring.

3) If you have power at terminal 30, and the lamps light when you apply power to terminal 87; then turn ignition on and put shifter in R. Check for 12 vdc on terminal 86 in the socket. If you have 12 vdc, replace the relay.

Wally Plumley
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