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Disconnecting Drive Shaft from Clutch

Disconnecting Drive Shaft from Clutch

I have an 83S, 5 speed. I am trying to separate the drive shaft from the output shaft of the clutch by sliding the clamp which connects the two towards the back of the car. However, once I remove the bolts on the clamp I can slide the clamp back about 1", and then the rear edge of it comes in contact with a bearing at the front of the torque tube. This bearing seems to prevent me from sliding the clamp another 1" or more back, in order to get the clamp off of the shafts at the one end. The pictures in the manual show the clamp pulled so far back you can't even see it! No mention of a bearing that might be in the way.

So, does anyone have some sage advice? Any indication of what I (must have) missed?


Eric Buckley
83S 5pd. Red

Your front bearing is not where it is "supposed to be" usually they move back but it seems yours may have moved forward . you may be able to push the bearing back toward the rear . push against the outer edges of the carrier not the center

Jim at

I have managed to move the bearing back. I called Dave Roberts at 928 Specialists and he said that this is something he has seen before, and suggested that I pry on the clamp in order to move the bearing back. He has done this and 'never had a problem' with it. This, however, is before I read your advice below about not pressing on the centre, but on the edge. Pressing on the clamp certainly presses on the centre, not the outer edges. Hopefully no damage has been done. I had only to apply moderate pressure on the clamp to get the bearing to move back. It went back about 2" easily, then stopped so I stopped pushing since I do now have enough clearance to separate the drive shaft from the clutch. Does anybody know if this new position sounds like it is in the original/correct position or not?

Eric Buckley
83S 5spd. Red

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