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Clutch Replacment Tips for Early Models

Clutch Replacment Tips for Early Models

A few additional items that'll hopefully make the job go easier:

1. Before dropping the clutch out, mark the fly wheel/intermediate plate/pressure plate for balance orientation. May not be a big deal.
2. When installing, first thing I do is hang the assembly by the clutch lever off the plastic bushing.
3. The '79 uses the disc centered vs. the pin centered method. The flywheel has a slight recess that lets you get things right.
4. When initially orienting things, make sure the nose of the intermediate shaft properly engages the pilot bearing.
5. Also at this stage, make sure the guide sleeve is forward of the attachment point on the casting. It's too dang easy to get the thing behind it.
6. When you get to connecting the clamping sleeve, do the forward bolt first. When aligning the hole for the aft bolt, you'll actually need to withdraw the shaft away from the pilot bearing. This slight movement places the nose of the shaft properly inside the pilot bearing. Not to worry.


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David Lloyd
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There is a sleeve clamp on the shaft coming from the torque tube. It is held in place with two bolts that you loosen with an Allen wrench, then you slide it back toward the innards of the torque tube. There is an access hole for the rear bolt; the other one is obvious.

Make little U shaped brackets from a wire coat hanger to place under the three metal post heads to keep the clutch pressure plate from pressing against the bolts that you have to remove to detach the clutch assembly from the flywheel. They are described in the manual. When you reassemble the clutch, be sure to include those wire brackets; it makes the assembly much easier.

Pretty simple job. Don't let the clutch assembly fall onto your head on the way out.

Dan Shapiro
'82 5 speed

I FINALLY got my clutch back together and in my car. I probably hold the record for longest release bearing/pilot bearing/bushing replacement. If I count it all up probably spent at least 20 hrs. on it. hehe. Thanks all for the help, especially David Lloyd, I don't think I would have gotten it done without the help.

A couple of things I would change in the workshop manual...

Don't bother trying to remove the release arm before taking out the bolts holding the clutch onto the flywheel. (Spent a VERY long time at this)

Make sure you attach the release arm to the ball socket before putting in the bolts.

If the intermediate ring does not come off with everything else, use a screwdriver in some slots between the ring and the flywheel to pry it off. (spent some time trying to remove the pressure plate without doing
this... ...doesn't work, that intermediate ring was stuck tight.)

Don't get me started on the pilot bearing....

My car is a '79 5-speed if your car is different YMMV

p.s. Don't forget the shims! made 'em outa wire clothes hangers.


'79 Euro 5-speed 928
'77 924

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