Mirror Glass Removal, S4

Mirror Glass Removal, S4

I know I have seen it explained here before, but how do you remove the mirror glass on the outside mirrors - 1987 and up. I know how to do this on the older mirrors with a putty knife, but these are the mirrors with the holes in the bottom center. I have tried a small screw driver to locate a bolt or hex head inside the unit, but was unable to locate a release.



Shine a flashlight up the hole in the bottom of your mirror and you'll see that there's a piece of plastic with slots in it. This is actually the bottom part of a ring that goes around the back of the mirror glass, which, when rotated 5 degrees or so, will release the glass. Once you see what it looks like, stick a small slotted screwdriver into the hole into one of the slots and try to shift the ring one direction or the other (apply force upward to keep screwdriver in one of the slots and then move it sideways to shift the ring).

This is *much* easier to understand once you get the mirror glass out and see the locking ring on the back of it. I've got an old broken mirror glass that I should snap a photo of; maybe I'll do that tonight.

If you look at


(courtesy 928 International) you can barely see the slots on the ring that I'm talking about (look at the top of the photo).

BTW, don't try to pry the glass off! I broke the mirror glass on one of my old mirrors when I was upgrading them to GTS aero mirrors. I don't think the shop manuals (which I was trying to follow) were ever updated to include info on the S4 and later mirrors.

Ed Scherer
'90 928S4

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