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Cooling Fan, Aftermarket Replacement for Early 928's

Cooling Fan, Aftermarket Replacement for Early 928's

Can anyone share the manufacturer, model # or any information for the
electric fan sold at Pep Boys? My local in Richmond thought I was crazy.

August Spillers
81 928s

Hayden Rapid-Cool 16", cost approx. $139-149 and I think the part number is

David Roberts

Installed Rapid Cool fan on my 81.

Question: After connecting the wires back up, when should the fan start? I know it's supposed to start after 90 C; right? But what if it doesn't start? I checked the fuse #16, put in a new 25 just in case. Is the relay that is described as the AC fan applicable to the electric fan? In the event that there is no power coming through these wires for whatever reason; is there an alternate area. I tried two wires coming off what looked like a compressor up front but nothing besides minor sparking.

August Spillers
81 928s

If you simply replaced the existing electric fan with the new one, the fan will be operated by the fan relay (XVIII). The operating coil of this relay receives power from relay X on terminal 86, so the coil gets power anytime the ignition switch is on. The ground side of the coil (terminal 85) is connected to the freon temp switch, located on the top of the receiver/dryer in front of the radiator. When the freon gets hot, this switch closes, powering the relay coil, closing the relay contacts, powering the fan. In addition, terminal 85 is connected to the temp switch located in the forward face of the radiator, low on the left side. When the coolant gets hot, this switch closes, powering the coil, closing the contacts, powering the fan.

If you pull the connector from the top switch on the receiver/dryer and short the terminals in the harness, the fan should run (ignition switch on).

Likewise, if you pull the connector from the radiator switch and short the contacts in the harness.

If not, pull the fan relay XVIII, and jumper terminals 30 and 87 in the socket. The fan should run.

If not, you have a problem with the fuse or the wiring.

If the fan runs with 30 and 87 jumpered, but not with the switches jumpered, the relay is probably bad.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

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