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Filler Plug wont Budge

Filler Plug wont Budge

Okay, I thought a nice treat for the shark would be to change the oil in the rear end. Found the big honkin 17mm hex wrench, and this worked great on the drain plug, but the fill plug was stripped by some ham fisted git who worked on the car in the past. Now, any suggestions on how to get this sucker out?

Guy D
81 5spd.

Are the threads stripped or the hex fitting in the plug?

If the hex fitting is the problem get an old hex wrench and epoxy it into the fitting. After it dries you should be able to remove it.

Did you remove the drain plug before realizing the filler plug was damaged?

It's always real important to insure you can fill before you drain. :)


Hmmmm...JIM BAILEY at 928intl...can you chime in on this one?
Wasn't this scenario in your list of oooooopsy's


You may find it easier to just remove the rear cover then attack the stripped plug on the work bench. Only twelve 8 mm bolts and a $ 1.63 gasket, iIf needed. You can take the cover to a machine shop / repair shop and get help. As Tony was quick to point out, you are not the first person to find out after draining the transmission that the fill plug is stripped or way too tight ............ Before draining anything it is good to know that it can be refilled ..

I had to go to the shop and weld a hex bolt to the stuck hex nut and then
wrench it off. I like the cover removal technique. good Idea~!!!!!!

Mark Kibort

Thanks everybody for your suggestions and encouragement. I hadn't drained the oil out of the rearend yet, so I was never totally up the creek. Best advice though was simply undoing all the bolts and taking the cover off. Once safely on my bench, all it took was drilling into the center and putting in the largest ease-out I had...that and a three foot long bar for leverage. Once the plug became unstuck it screwed out very easily, so there was never any thread damage. Doing all this underneath the car would have been pretty difficult though.

Thanks everybody for you quick responses.

P.S. I have a cover gasket on order, but it didn't look like there had been one used in the first place. All I've found between the cover and the rear end is a thin clear crust almost like glue. Any explantations?

-Guy D
81 5spd

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