Oil Temp Gauge Installation

Oil Temp Gauge Installation

Any advice on mounting an oil temp gauge in my car? I've got a 90GTwith Nascar style remote filter and additional oil cooler and big motor? Where would I get the most relevant readings? What is the best gauge and source for same? I figured to mount the readout in the ash tray area. Any good ideas?

Don Hanson

Don and gang:

I located mine in the top of the oil pan, VDO gauge and sender. The gauge(s) is mounted to the right of the pod, on the crossbar that's under where the dash used to be. (Track car with stripped interior)

Looking down from the front of the car, the oil pan casting has a plate bolted over what was the oil filler receiver on the pre-S4 cars. When mounted, the sender sits lower than the "low oil sensor", so I figure its always bathed in oil. Tap the plate for the sender, remount and wire it, leaving a nice sanitary installation.

As to the location, I figured it'd be good to know the temp of the oil where it's getting picked up. Hence the pan location. Also made the installation easy.

Have only run on 40 degree days since the installation, during which the oil temp stayed at 200 (same for the transaxle, BTW...sender mounted in the aft drain plug). From my Corvette days, I remember 250 being typical [and no wise cracks about memories of the dark ages:)].

Best regards,
David Lloyd
Farmington, CT
79 Euro, Stuttgart hybrid, track be dyno'd Saturday with just
the Y-pipe off the headers...will advise.

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