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Preselector Spring Tension

Preselector Spring Tension

A friend bought used G28.10 transmission. We would like to check preselector spring tension before installing it into his -78. Does anyone know how long special tool 9155 is? Local dealer doesn't have it and hasen't even seen it. If what little I can remember from school is correct, lenght of lever affects measuríng. So I think that length of used lever affects spring scale reading. We can make close copy of that tool using workshop manual pictures (pages 34-217 and 34-218b) as guide. But if I'm right, even small error in lenght may make big difference.



A couple of points:
The spec for the early models is 22 N, for the late models is 60 - 80 N.
Doesn't look as if the adjustment is super critical.
The tension can be adjusted easily from outside the transaxle.

Assuming that there are no broken parts, I would try the transmission out. If there is not enough spring force keeping you out of 1st/reverse, tighten the adjuster. If there is too much force, loosen the adjuster.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

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