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R-12 Substitute?

R-12 Substitute?

Has anyone used Hot Shot 414B refrigerant as a replacement in an car A/C
system originally using R-12? Did it work out well? Any problems?

Mike Schmidt
'88 928S4 Black/Black "PORSCHE" cloth
928 Owners Club Charter Member
PCA Chicago Region

I haven't tried that but Interdynamics Refrigeration makes a real neat 134a conversion kit for R12 systems. They use ester oil instead of pag oil. The ester oil doesn't mix with the R12 oil so the the old oil not evacuated out collects in a low spot somowhere in the system and causes no problems. They say you just evacuate the R12, install one can of 134a, then install the ester oil just like you would the 134a, then install a can of blended 134a and leak sealer. Top off as needed. See their FAQ page for more information. Autozone parts houses carry these products $40.00 or so. Or you can check the jcwhitney site as well. As soon as my unit leaks out the illegal R409a I have in mine, I will go to this conversion unless someone here warns me aginst it.

Good luck,
Eric J.
1987 928S4 auto

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