Garage Lift Suggestions

Garage Lift Suggestions

For those of you who have lifts, I'd love to hear any recommendations. Does the foundation need to be done any differently to accomodate the lift? What do yall think of the Eagle TPO-10A, a two post Asymmetric 10klb lift? You can see it at
Looks decent for $2999.
A bit cheaper ($2599), they have the 9,000 lb MX-9A:

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I'll make this short and sweet...BTDT x2

Minimum floor depth: 6"

Minimum ceiling height: (for 2 poster): 11'6" but go 12' as it won't cost any more since your already buying the lumber in even lengths.

Buy a roll up style door, not the standard slide up type (so when car is on lift you can still use door)

Go w/ the 9K minimum, its a duty cycle thing compared to the less rated units.

If wanting to put your land yacht (SUV) on it, make the garage deep enough. Read, greater than 25'

Get it installed professionally. You only get one pretty face.

Scott Mohr

A close friend of mine has this lift (TPO-10A) installed in his garage and really likes it - has not had any problems. I have had the eagle SS7000 four post lift for about 3 years now and have not had any problems either. Eagle makes a really good product and their customer service is very responsive. I have no affliation with Eagle Equipment.
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Jay wrote:
>Now if they just
>had a 2 post lift with optional wings so the fronts didn't hang when you
>don't want them too that would be ideal for home alignments.

Jay, check out
For their two post lifts, they have something called "Tire Engaging
Adapters" which look pretty much exactly like what you're talking about.
Whaddya say we split the cost and install one in my new garage? :)

86 5spd

Whaddyall (that's a word) think of engine hoists such as this one that Eastwood has:
Just doing some more daydreaming about things to get when my garage is ready. :)

86 5spd

I think that if you have a lift and a metal beam you can use it as a engine hoist or you can dismantle the way we do and drop the engine, central tube, transmission and suspension out the bottom, which is a reversal of how Porsche put it together . The engine hoist just wastes more garage space. Now, you do need a good engine stand.

Here is a new page with some links to lifts manufacturers and suppliers. There is quite a range but I will be glad to add any others that people find. If you click on the title for the lift types it will take you to a page that discusses lift differences and advantages of each type.

Comments welcome,
Dan B

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