Sway Bar Mounts need to be Reinforced

Sway Bar Mounts need to be Reinforced

A piece of advice for all who upgrade their front swaybars and run big sticky tires, hard, at the track. Be
sure and reinforce your front sway-bar mounts. In the stock configuration, the mounting bosses are not designed to endure the amount of force that sticky tires and stiffer swaybars will inflict. The mounts tear out of the stamped thin steel and cause excessive body roll and weird handling.

If you have aftermarket sway bars, you might want to take a look at the bushing mounts and check for cracking, tearing, fatigue, etc. You need to have some reinforcing plates welded on to help spread the added load created by stiffer bars. I have been told that this will usually be a trouble spot that needs to be eliminated before it happens.
Mine happened....but no real harm, other than a torn steering rack boot, and a hole worn in the fender liner from tire rub, and a bunch of sessions under the car adjusting ride height with strange results, before figuring out the mounts were broken.

Don Hanson

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