Cutoff Switch

Cutoff Switch

I am installing a battery cut off to comply with track rules in my 90GT. Anybody been there? Any tips or
suggestions? The rules say it needs to kill the engine from a readily available(to corner workers outside the car) position. I have seen external switches drilled through the hood area in front of the driver near the windsheild. Makes sense, as the corner worker would naturally head there to check the driver in the event of a crash. I have also seen a wire routed there, removable for street driving, that operates a switch inside the hood, but I have never had a close look at a 928 with a cut-off switch. Which wires should the switch go into for the least voltage loss and to be in position to activate from near the drivers door? Anybody?

Don Hanson

I put mine on the roll cage next to the drivers door near the lock. So far it seems to meet the requirements of PCA, POC and SCCA Pro. You will need to use a switch that has the relay at the bottom so you can interrupt the LH brain or fuel pump. If you just disconnect the positive or negative the car still run when you turn the switch off because of the alternator. I have always Interrupted the ground wire and have had no problems.

Mark Anderson

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